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Modern Technology in Agriculture

Technology in agriculture makes reference to the production of machines that were designed for a practical purpose in the agricultural process. These machines are used to till the soil, irrigate the land, plant seeds and cultivate crops that will be protected from both pests and weeds. The agricultural engineers are the ones who are trained to design the agricultural machinery.

Types of Machinery

Agricultural technology means modern technology based on the human need for food or the need to feed an overgrowing population. This machinery in agriculture has dramatically changed the methods to produce food worldwide. You certainly know the tractor which is a famous agricultural machinery. It became obsolete nowadays. Technology has been changing, and even if agriculture might be a very old profession, agricultural machinery has been increasingly developing. The advanced tractors and implements are more precise and do not waste fuel, seed as well as fertilizer.

In a remote past, people had a different lifestyle, as they were hunting with their bare hands. Using tools such as knives and plows was a real progress in technology then, and dominated agriculture for centuries. People worked in agriculture to raise enough food for their survival. The Industrial Revolution as well as the creation of more complicated machines and different farming methods made our world take a significant leap forward. This new machinery required much power and effort which was supplied by both horses and other domesticated animals. The steam-powered tractor was a useful new invention. Nowadays, the new combine threshes and separates grain differently from the earlier versions.

Today’s New Technology

With the modern technology in agriculture, now it is likely to grow crops in the desert. Nothing is impossible as far as technology is concerned. Our needs have changed over the centuries and we are asking for more in order to satisfy our needs. Today’s technology in agriculture implies the following:

  • Use of modern machines for the farmers;
  • Modern transportation;
  • New facilities to keep the crops fresh;
  • Plant that are produced genetically;
  • Development of animal feeds;
  • Irrigation for plants;
  • Animal breeding to make them resistant to diseases.

Technology has also transformed farming into a real business and you can place an order online if you need a product immediately. The product ordered by you will be fresh when you receive it. This is modern technology in agriculture – transforming the entire agricultural process according to our needs within our contemporary society.