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A List Of Unique Essay Topics Related To Sociology

So, you need to find a unique sociology essay topic, right? This might be more difficult than you first think. After all, sociology is a very big subject indeed!

You should start off by writing out different areas that you are interested in and think through each one vigorously, making notes along the way.

It helps to select a subject that you are interested in, as your passion will always come across in your writing- but make sure that it’s one you can find lots of source information for. To get the ball rolling, here’s a list of unique essay topics:

  • Social attitudes towards marijuana in the U.S.
  • Combatting alcohol addiction.
  • Are political attitudes towards euthanasia fair?
  • How does divorce affect children of varying ages?
  • The concerns regarding human organ transplants.
  • The origins and foundations of sociology.
  • A study of life inside San Quentin prison.
  • Modern day attitudes and prejudices towards transgender people in the U.S
  • Domestic violence in Texas.
  • Should the U.S adopt a universal health care system?
  • Social decline and morality.
  • The concerns of stereotyping.
  • Why are women still undervalued, when compared to men, in today’s society?
  • Do people understand feminism today in the same way people did at its concept?
  • How much does the mass media shape public opinion?
  • How much of a role do lobbyists play in U.S politics?
  • Do phone masts cause cancer?
  • Is modern technology distracting people from the real world?
  • Why writing off global debt would be beneficial.
  • How materialism can contribute towards depression.

Of course, you shouldn’t just pluck one from the list and say, “That’ll do.” The above list is intended to just get you thinking and point you in the right direction. Before you decide on your own topic, it’s a really good idea to seek out more examples. It helps to know what other students have written about. Have a look in your campus library archive to find past student papers. Also, get online and you will easily find lists of topics to peruse; though make sure that you look on established and educational websites to guarantee that you are obtaining the best suggestions. You don’t want to end up plumping for a bad example after all!

Remember: picking hot essay topics for discussion can be a good idea, but you shouldn’t just repeat the same old data that’s been used again and again. Come at things from a unique perspective, whilst backing up your points with the necessary citations, and you will be on the right track.