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Where Can I Find a Good Sample Synthesis Essay?

Teachers sometimes ask students to write synthesis essays. In this type of an academic paper, the author should make connections between different parts of a process and make some claim on a given topic. It’s not easy to write a paper of excellent quality without reading some good examples. Where can you find such examples? Here are a few good suggestions:

  1. Your instructor.
  2. A person who gave you this task should have some extra materials that can be useful for you during the writing process. You may always approach your instructor and ask them to give you a sample paper. It’s likely that your instructor will provide you with a decent example. If they don’t have samples for some reasons, you’ll at least get some advice on where to search for them.

  3. Your university library.
  4. This is another free source where you can find examples of a synthesis essay absolutely for free. Visit the library and ask a librarian about the type of papers you need. It’s likely that there are many works created by other students stored in the library. Look at these papers carefully and choose the ones that earned high scores for their authors.

  5. Your university electronic database.
  6. Every university has its website. Go to the site of your university or college and access the electronic database. This is the place where you may find many electronic versions of synthesis paper examples. This method is very easy because you don’t even have to go anywhere. All the needed files can be downloaded on your computer without any payment.

  7. Your university friends.
  8. Ask your older university friends whether they wrote similar synthesis essays in the past years. If you’re lucky, they will still have copies of their papers. It’s likely that they will share their works with you without any problems. You may also ask your classmates who always get excellent marks for their assignments whether they have any examples.

  9. Academic organizations.
  10. There are many academic centers that provide students with services related to essay writing. They usually have many sample papers on different types of papers too. Examples that are received from these organizations are highly reliable, but you’ll have to pay for their services.

  11. Online sources.
  12. There is a huge amount of sites that you may find examples on. Free websites include online databases and libraries that specialize on academic writing. However, you should be careful when downloading files from the Internet. It’s likely that a lot of examples won’t be of high quality.