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22 Up-To-Date Topics For A High School Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is where you reflect on your academic bearings, inflections; insecurities or initiations. Of course, you may reflect on other founts of your life or characteristics as well; but it generally caters round the book.

Placing the emotions

Needless to say, you get a good chance to evoke emotions by playing with your emotions and the concurrent blocks that readers identify with; except the non-existent perfect man. It verily depends on your writing caliber and your ability to touch an inner pulse.

It helps to be honest and deliver what actually happened to you; rather than sketching an imaginative picture of yourself and your triumph. When you remain honest and grounded, your emotions appear original. As simple as that!

In good humor

It is also essential to stay away from preconceptions and think in terms of how you can inspire readers. Use your wit and humor to good effect. Meanwhile, here are 22 catchy topics for reflective essays for your convenience –

  1. How I got over my fear of Biology?
  2. How I turned from a truant to a guy readily interested in studies?
  3. My aspirations and how I planned to culminate them to a nicety
  4. The teacher who changed my life; and how she managed to do it
  5. The inspiration that my dad is in regard to academics
  6. How I turned Mathematics into a funny subject for my younger sibling?
  7. The impact that social media has been on my educational imprints
  8. How my curiosity helped me killed the cat?
  9. The road not taken; what if I had taken commerce
  10. How have I extracted help from the retired professors in my neighborhood?
  11. What according to me is the biggest mental block in the path of studies?
  12. Why is the world round and why does everything keep returning to the same place?
  13. How was my development positively affected by the role I played in cultural programs?
  14. How did continuous participation in debates impact my confidence?
  15. The manner of studying that I feel would help every student on the mat
  16. The love I bear for Calculus and why I bear it
  17. The fascinations of school life; and why life is never the same again
  18. What did I hate about the education system as I grew up?
  19. What turned me into a bookworm?
  20. The best way to keep rooted to your educational aspirations
  21. Why I always wanted to be a CA and how I cracked it?
  22. The biggest educational achievement of my life