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Choosing Interesting Process Analysis Essay Topics

You have been given a process analysis essay assignment by your tutor for the first time, and have no idea how to get started? The task is completely new to you and you cannot even pick up a topic? Keep calm and read the article, till the end you will be able to complete your task and choose the best theme and get the top grades. Process analysis essay – is a standard written assignment, where you have to analyze how the process of how something is being made. There are two types of it – an informative and directive process analysis. Directive helps its readers to do something by giving an instruction or recipe, for example how to bake a Birthday cake for your mother. Informative is the description of how something is working, for example the function of a car engine, or how your computer works. You are free to combine these two types in your future work, however be sure that it is not forbidden by your tutor. Now you are acquainted with the concept of your task and it is time to pick up the most interesting topic for you. Decide what are your excited with the most and write down the list in a notebook. Cross of the least interesting ones and leave only those you like the most. If nothing crosses your mind at all, you are free to use some topic ideas from this article. However, it is more preferable for a student to choose his own topic without any help from the side. If you are interested in psychology try to write some instructions for people, like:

  1. How do build a relationship with an introvert/extravert, an unknown person, your best friend etc. You are free to change the topic and pick up your own options.
  2. How to become successful in your life/business/among people etc?
  3. How to live after a serious breakup with the one you loved?

Maybe, you have better at Internet knowledge, then write about:

  1. How to start a successful account in Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter etc?
  2. How to find a trustworthy online job?
  3. How to become the best in Photoshop?

Or you can write some advices about the college life:

  1. How to live alone from parents in a dorm?
  2. How to study effectively in college?
  3. How to become a sole of company in your dorm?

Choose whether subject you want and don’t waste another moment on hesitation.