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The Structure Of A Problem Solution Essay: Basic Tips For Dummies

Problem solution essays are formal papers in which you’re required to describe a specific issue and explain how to deal with it. It’s not a particularly challenging type of paper, but if you’ve never written one, you’ll need to learn how to do so properly. And the most important part of learning how to do this is learning the correct structure of this type of paper. This article has some basic tips about exactly how to structure a problem solution essay.

  • The introduction
  • In the introduction to your paper you need to introduce the topic of your paper to your reader. You should also include a concise summary of the main points of your work.

  • The problem
  • In this section you need to provide your reader with a detailed description of the problem you are examining in your paper. Your description needs to be as clear as possible so that it’s easy to understand.

  • The rationale
  • In this section of your paper, you must explain to your reader exactly why the problem under discussion needs to be solved. Here again, you need to give a clear and detailed explanation. It’s useful to include relevant facts and examples in this section to illustrate your point.

  • The proposed solution
  • This section is where you need to clearly describe your proposed solution to your reader. Here too, you need to provide a detailed description and explanation. Make sure to include relevant facts and examples that can back up your proposal.

  • The defense
  • In this section you should provide strong arguments against any objections to your proposed solutions. Again, make use of pertinent facts and examples to prove your point.

  • The conclusion
  • In the conclusion of your paper you need to close off the topic for your reader. Like the introduction, it can also include a short summary of the main points of your paper.

  • A word on formatting
  • While this article describes the basic structure of this type of paper, it does not include any information about the formatting of your paper. Depending on your assignment brief, you may need to include a cover sheet, a title page, a table of contents, and a list of references. So, be sure to study your assignment brief carefully to find out if you need to include any of the above-mentioned elements.

With a bit of luck this article will help you compose an outstanding problem solution essay with ease.