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Chile: Pinochet Era

Augusto Pinochet took over power in Chile after 1973. This was after Salvador’s government was overthrown in a coup that was supported by the US. Pinochet was appointed the president of Chile in 1974. The government in the Pinochet era was military. During his era, Pinochet led the military government very strictly. The government was very intolerant of the opponents and was very harsh. According to reports, several people are said to have been killed in Chile during Pinochet era. Others reportedly were tortured during Pinochet era. However, economically, the military government led the Chile into economic growth and became one of the best economies in the region. Implementations that led to economic growth in Chile during the era of President Pinochet include, introduction of free markets, cutting of tariffs, Chile’s opening to foreigners for investment, labor union restrictions and privatization of former public companies and institutions. Critics, however, record that even with the economic developments in Chile; Pinochet era was characterized by major economic inequalities. Pinochet era in Chile lasted for 17 years. The era ended in 1990. He was arrested for allegation for disrespect for human rights. Pinochet died in 2006

Military Dictatorship in Chile: Pinochet Era

Chile experienced authoritarian or dictatorship governance under the presidency of Pinochet. This was between the years 1973 and 1990. This was after a coup that saw the former President of Chile Salvador overthrown. The economic problems and crisis faced in Chile and the lack of democracy were the factors that led to the government of Salvador to be overthrown. Overthrowing the government, however, led to dictatorship. Pinochet used ‘National Reconstruction of Chile’ as the need for dictatorship in Chile. During Pinochet era political parties were suppressed. The era was characterized by intolerance to opponents view. Reportedly, many people died while others underwent torture under Pinochet era in Chile. The era was against democracy in Chile. Some people who opposed the dictatorship had to escape to exile in other countries. Dictatorship shaped much of the today’s economic and education systems in Chile.

Human Rights Violation in Chile: Pinochet era

The military rule in Chile involved in activities that led to the violation of human rights in Chile. Massive killings were reported in Chile for opponents of the military system. Others were tortured for having different views. The military government also forced some people to leave Chile for exile. The human rights violation was one of the characteristics of the military dictatorship in Chile under President Pinochet.