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Writing A Personal Response Essay: Essential Points To Include

There are several genres of essay and one of the most thought progressive one to write is personal response write up. As the name suggests it is one of the format of writing where you are being asked to describe and analyse the thoughts that you have had reading a particular novel or about a particular topic etc. The more you get in to it the better thought you can have about it which is required for your write up. Let us see what are the things that should be included in your personal write up.

How to write a personal response essay:

  1. The entire first part of your work deals with the fact that you have to read all your materials thoroughly so that you can get a good idea about what you are willing to talk about. You should be having a clear view from all the perspectives to know about your work and thus this will make your personal write up the best in the class. The more you ponder over your work and go through them after certain interval for at least three to four times, the better viewpoints you start having about it.
  2. The second thing to do is to have a free flowing writing about whatever you are feeling about the topic that you have selected to write about. You need to understand whatever your mind wants to culminate about the subject. This can only be determined by the fact that you should allow yourself to write whatever you want to. After sometimes check your writing and start noting down the important factors.
  3. Make a schedule of your work. This includes the paragraphs and what are the ideas that you are going to elaborate in your work. This will help you to write in a timely manner without thinking at the time of the execution.
  4. Start off with a tricky introduction from a completely different aspect. This will make your readers go inquisitive about your writing. Get back to the original topic in a classy way with a relevant piece of conjuncture. The readers will find your work too good.
  5. Make a good body of your write up with all the important things to talk about like the critical ideas that you have about the topic etc. Describe it in a splendid way so that the readers can actually get a clear glimpse of the plot from your writing.