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Step-By-Step Tutorial On Writing A One-Page Descriptive Essay

Hold a mirror in front of eyes of readers to help them observing the sight-seeing with passion. When you jot down a descriptive essay, you will have to delineate the scenario applying your artistic sensibility, knowledge and literary elegance to convince readers. They will get a complete snapshot about the place or an object. There are some important steps to write an informative and good descriptive one page essay.

Make Good Thesis Statement

Let your readers observe what you describe. They will get ideas from you. The content you are going to write must transfer your thoughts and feel to readers. Write a short thesis statement making content readers understand the theme of the write-up. The content must be artistically painted without major grammatical disorders. Introduction should be well written. Choose some points for easy delineation to attract readers.

Make Good Description to Write Descriptive Content

The one page description write-up must have the body of the content with conclusion. Revive your natural energy and stamina to do the meticulous description. If it is a short descriptive note about the decoration of a temple, give a detailed picture specifying major and minor decoration items, artifacts, and deities. Learn how to impress your readers by revealing hidden secrets laying in the wall painting, excellent paintwork and interior décor of the temple. However, in the one page write-up, a writer can select a single object for extensive illustration. For instance, do the excellent description about the ancient deity who is respected by devotees. Therefore, pilgrims visit the temple for prayers. The theme of the descriptive content will be concentrated on the historical background of the deity and his/her predecessors. In the middle of the content, don’t bring any controversial element which will enhance the lackluster of the descriptive write-up. Instead, progress smoothly explaining every point brilliantly with lucidity. Obsolete terms should not be used in writing the write-up.

Use Good Figures of Speech

Figure of speech is preferred by talented writers to decorate content beautifully. However, one should be familiar with the methods of applying different figures of speech. A writer’s goal is to enhance the revival of senses of readers to go through the write-up. Your content must have beautifully crafted figures of speech for good expression of thoughts. For the unique description about the place, opt for similes, metaphors, personification and selected onomatopoeia.

Before finishing the one-page write up, give a nice conclusion. What is your view regarding the subject? Your opinions must have the smooth link with the introduction of the write-up. Use good descriptive words to close the content.