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Choosing Good Literary Essay Topics: Helpful Criteria

Your assignment is to write a literary essay and the teacher is allowing you to pick the topic. That is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it often times is more convenient to have the teacher assign a topic for you. You’re going to have to find something to write about, and it has to impress the teacher. Your final grade on the composition can be influenced by a good topic and here’s how to narrow the choices down.

  • Write about Something You Are Interested in. This by itself is going to make the composition work much, much easier. If there is a literary subject that you enjoy then writing the essay is not going to be extremely difficult.
  • Make Sure the Topic Allows You to Discuss It. You should have enough to work on that you can bring out the finer points of the subject and provide a little analysis of it. An analogy would be that instead of discussing the plot of the given play you take a central act and write about the nuances of the dialogue and how the act brings all the other elements of the play together.
  • Be Certain That There Is Enough Research to Work with. You may have to do research on the essay topic and there has to be enough written about it to make your efforts worthwhile. If you select a topic with only a few articles dedicated to it, you could run into a situation where what you have is insufficient to the length of the essay.
  • The Topic Must Allow for Sufficient Composition. It does not make sense to choose a topic for which only about 200 words can be written when the assignment calls for 600 words. A combination of available research and personal interest is necessary to guarantee you will deliver at least the number of words your teacher expects to see.
  • The First Topic Choice May Not Be the Best. If you are starting to write and discover that there is insufficient material to discuss your interest simply isn’t there, then it’s time to take a look at another topic. It is important that the final draft be submitted to you are able to change your mind about the topic up until the point where you have to present results.

The topic is you opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of it and the skill you have in analyzing or summarizing. A good essay topic is going to make a favorable impression on your teacher, and drafting a quality composition will assure a very good grade.