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Writing An Expository Essay In Five Simple Steps

An expository essay should give a deep understanding of the topic of choice. The essay should be written in such a way that it highlights all important facts and also gives inner details that most readers are not aware of. The topics are usually distant from daily life and relate to themes that are either extinct or becoming extinct.

  1. Getting it right with introduction
  2. The introduction is the most important part of an expository essay. It is here that the reader will understand what topic is dealt with and how the writer advocates for it. Hence, it is important that you use the right language and phrasing so that your idea is conveyed in the right manner.

  3. Brainstorm the topic
  4. As far as writing is concerned, for any topic, brainstorming for facts and ideas plays a vital role. You have to think of ideas, outline them in phrases and then elaborate them until a paragraph is created which neatly conveys the message.

  5. Splitting the content into sections
  6. Ideally every paragraph should deal with each point. They should not be combined or mixed with others which will make the reading difficult and futile. The writer should attempt to represent a single fact in each sentence so that its full effect can be provided.

  7. The use of English grammar
  8. An expository essay is to be written without using the personal form. Words like I, she, he, we, etc. should not be used. The essay should, instead, discuss an event, situation, views of people, etc. that is of relevance.

  9. Revising the draft
  10. After writing the initial draft comes the task of revising it to perfection. The student should pay attention to eliminate factual errors, grammar mistakes and typographical errors. The language should also be refined to make it appealing and presentable to a large population. It should be ensured that the message is communicated in the right way without leaving space for doubts or ambiguity.

With proofreading and with creating a solid thesis statement, your expository essay will come to an end. Editing the write up to make it error free is an important and major step in this context. It is therefore suggested to use high quality tools for checking and proofreading the task, as one small error may ruin your work. The style and presentation can further be modified to suit the needs of the examiner or supervisor. You can also seek for advice from senior students.