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A List of Evaluation Essay Topics You Can Handle

Even when students are assigned an essay weeks in advance, they may procrastinate. This can leave you panicking as you search for an easy topic a few days before, so that you can write a great essay. If this sounds like you, here are some manageable topics to help you get started.

  1. Consider your favorite sports team. What were the expectations for their performance at the beginning of the current season, and did they meet these by the end?
  2. Women’s vs. Men’s Basketball- Is there a different experience when watching a women’s basketball game in comparison to a men’s basketball game? Explain.
  3. The Experience of Playing vs. The Experience of Watching- How is playing a sport similar or different from watching the same sport?
  4. Romantic Movie vs. Modern Romance- Evaluate your favorite romance movie. How realistic is it in the modern day world?
  5. Originality of a Sequel- Evaluate a sequel of a movie. Does it continue the plot, add something new, or just mirror the first?
  6. Children’s Movie and the Appeal- Consider a G or PG rated film. What techniques were used to keep adults interested as well? Does it appeal to both children and adults?
  7. Special Effects and the Plot- Consider what special effects may or may not add to the plot. When they are used for show and not as a means to enhance the plot, does that become a problem? Why or why not?
  8. Prepared Supermarket Food vs. Fast Food- Some supermarkets now offer prepared food for dinners. Is this healthier or more affordable than that offered by fast food restaurants? How does it stack up as an alternative?
  9. High-End Restaurants and Special Occasions- If you have ever been to a restaurant for a special occasion, what role did the restaurant play compared to others? Did it make the occasion better?
  10. Experience Restaurants- Have you ever been to a restaurant where waiters were rude or it was decorated as a theme? How does this add or take away from the eating experience? How effective was it?
  11. Laptops for Students- Consider a laptop that you own. What features does it have that are helpful to students?
  12. Social Media and School- Does the way people interact on social media change social relationships in a school environment? How?
  13. Data Transfer- There are many different ways to transfer data between your phone and your computer. Evaluate these many ways. Which is easiest for students? What about adults?