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20 Winning Essay Topics about Technology for High School Students

Technology is a very broad category. This often makes it difficult for high school students to even begin narrowing their topic for a winning essay. If you struggle with this, try choosing a broad category (such as biology). Then, brainstorm biology topics for about five minutes and see what you come up with. Remember to choose something that interests you. You should also try to pick something that will be easy for you to understand. If you still haven’t come up with any ideas, check out these technology essay topics:

  1. We live in a technological world. Does this have any long-term effects and are they positive or negative?
  2. How does human cloning technology work? What makes people human, and are clones human?
  3. How has technology such as social media and texting affected family relationships? Are they stronger or weaker as a result?
  4. An online format usually offers condensed information. Does this teach readers to skim, instead of digesting the information in its entirety?
  5. Many schools still use more traditional methods of teaching. Should these be changed to keep up with current technologies? How?
  6. What are the differences between reading print material and reading digitally? Has it affectd this generation?
  7. Do you think a Wall-E type of scenario depicts our future? Should scientists make robots to perform everyday tasks?
  8. Social media is all around the world. Has this solved or created problems outside of our own country and how?
  9. What is the difference between a food that has been genetically modified and one that is made with traditional plant breeding? Is organic really better than GMOs?
  10. It is now possible to genetically engineer traits of your children? Is this wrong?
  11. Does using digital tools make us less productive at work, or more?
  12. How free should the Internet be? Should there be any censorship or controls?
  13. Should the world be working together with technological advancements? Should every country have access to the same technologies?
  14. Should gene sequencing technologies be used to tell everyone about their future health risks?
  15. Should parents be required to disclose all genetic information to their children? When?
  16. How does in vitro technology work? Is it a good way to make a baby?
  17. What are the pros and cons of organ donation? Do organ donors feel pain?
  18. Think about animal transplants. Is it ethical for tissue from animals to be used in people?
  19. Choose an animal or plant. Discuss how it has adapted over time to survive.
  20. Is there a relationship between mental illness and technology? What causes this?