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A Hand-Picked List Of Strong College Essay Topics About Religion

One of the major reasons why research methodology and essay writing are taught in high schools is to test the analytical skill of the students. In the process, creativity and writing skills are developed Saturation n of research ideas is a major challenge the education sector is facing. Tutors of some particular subjects like religion may have a difficult time coming up with a new research topic. It has become increasingly important to develop new research topics on religion an beliefs.

The article will discuss a hand-picked list of strong college essay topics about religion that students can research on. The benefit of doing an under researched religious topic is that it will get you better marks and help in development of spiritual /religious beliefs for atheists. Here is a list of some of the unique religious titles.

  • Should the different religions unanimously agree to interfaith marriages?
  • Marriage among different religious denomination has always been an interesting topic.For instance, can a Catholic comfortably marry an Adventist without causing conflict of interest? How can that be made possible? This would make a good research topic.

  • Why do some religions have gender discrimination practices?
  • Allegedly, we are also equal in the eyes of our creator. Our creator loves men and women equally just as He loves the poor and the richer. However, there are some religions that discriminate on one gender, women in most cases. There is even scriptural evidence to back up such habits. This would make a good research topic.

  • Why do different religions hold different opinions on issues such as abortion and homosexuality?
  • Homosexuality and abortion are controversial topics. This is a discussion that will not end any time soon. Some denominations are not against the two mentioned practices. They believe it is not wrong. According to others, the two are major sins punishable by a higher authority.

  • The psychology of atheists
  • Atheists’ believe that a supreme being does not exist. They believe that whatever happens in our lives is as a result of our own doing. For instance, being sick occurs as a result of a bacterial infection and it is not God’s way of punishing us.

  • Should the church and the state be lenient with homosexuals?
  • With the rate at which same sex marriages are on the rise and it has become socially acceptable, should the church and the state make it legal? This would make a good religious topic if it is backed up with relevant data.