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A List Of The Best Essay Topics For High School: 30 Great Suggestions 

The success of your essay largely depends on the topic you choose. If it is interesting and captivating, you are likely to do a good job and use your imagination and creativity to the fullest extent. If it is original and new, your teacher will definitely be impressed, and a high mark is guaranteed. Here is a list of the best essay topics for high school. Choose any idea you like, or use these topic suggestions for your inspiration.

  1. Being a good leader: what does it mean for you?
  2. Music: how does it affect your life (your culture)?
  3. Why is it important to be in someone’s shoes in order to assess the person or situation correctly?
  4. New TV series for teenagers: are there new ideas to share?
  5. Forgiving your offender: for whom is it more important?
  6. Being not ready for hardships of real life: what innovations in curriculum should be introduced to prepare students for challenges after high school?
  7. Anything to be alive: what can people do for the sake of survival?
  8. Being a successful student: what are the factors that influence your grades and reputation in high school?
  9. The Internet: does it connect people or make them even more distant?
  10. Television: is it useful or useless pastime?
  11. What makes a good comedy?
  12. Birthday is coming: how to prepare a surprise party for your friend?
  13. Your favorite dish: why is it special?
  14. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth: what is your attitude to such an approach?
  15. What is the effect of rap on teen’s language?
  16. What are the things that money can’t buy?
  17. What is the role of prayer in your life?
  18. When is it OK to lie?
  19. What makes a good teacher?
  20. Stressful life: what are the key factors that provoke stress in young age?
  21. Why is it important to study any foreign language in a modern world?
  22. Being a volunteer: would you try?
  23. Would you like to live forever?
  24. Improving progress in high school: how can students be motivated to study better?
  25. Time travel: what period from the past would you like to visit and why?
  26. What changes would you introduce to the existing television program?
  27. Should educational standards in high school be made higher?
  28. Improving your hometown: any suggestions?
  29. Is there any book or movie that turned your world outlook upside down?
  30. Your favorite commercial: why particularly this one?