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Essay Topics About Education: Top 10 Hot Questions

When you are writing an essay about education, you need to come up with a specific topic to write about. One of the best ways to decide what topic to write about, you want to think of some questions about education that you would like to know. Having a list of questions is a perfect way to start writing your paper. You will answer the question and that answer will become your focus and your thesis statement.

Here are some questions regarding education that will help you come up with a topic to write your paper on. You can choose one of these topics or you can use this list to decide on a topic of your own.

  1. What technology can enhance learning in a classroom setting?
  2. How will national standards change current programs?
  3. Why are some American students falling behind?
  4. Are children in America failing in Math?
  5. Is taking higher math in lower grades helping or hurting?
  6. What you can do about policies that seem outrageous?
  7. Should homework be banned?
  8. Should school be only four days long?
  9. Should the grading system be revamped?
  10. What is good about putting children in preschool?

Remember that the answer to the question is going to be your thesis statement and focus for your paper. You will answer the question and come up with some reasons why you answered the way that you did. Then the reasons will be explained in the body of the paper and the thesis will be presented at the end of the introduction.

The introduction to your essay will give some background information on your topic. It will be what your audience needs to know to be able to understand what the rest of your paper is about. You have to pretend that your audience has no prior knowledge on the subject and then you let them know what they need to know to successfully understand the topic that you are discussing. The body of your paper will work to prove your thesis statement. Each one of the body paragraphs will explain a different reason. Your conclusion will wrap it up and reiterate the important parts of your paper. You will need to include these three sections to have a successful paper. You won’t want to leave any of these areas out.