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What Am I Supposed To Write In An Essay On Social Media Websites?

Essay writing about social media has an abundance of possibilities. Having an assignment of this nature can pose such a question as what are you supposed to write. Understanding basic elements about the subject may give ideas on what to write about. Choose an interesting topic for your essay you can provide clear insight and detail. As you learn more about social media you may find something in particular you didn’t know about that is interesting enough to do a paper. The following highlights additional aspects about the subject matter to consider.

Learn about Social Media and How It Affects Others

When coming up with ideas for your essay think about social media in general and how people are affected by it regularly. There are people who meet new people, but there are those who get bullied by people they know. Think about people’s relationships and the kind of things that happen as people use various social media platforms. What ideas come to mind and are you willing to write more about it or research it further to write a good paper?

Learn How Social Media is Used Daily

If you have a social media account you likely have an idea of what people do on a regular basis. This time around for your assignment you may want to take a closer look. Think about things you see when using social media such as videos, advertisements, news stories, and so on. Ask people you know about what they like about it and why some use it more often than others. You may find potential ideas to write about for your essay paper. Be open to learning more about how it is used and you may find something different and unusual to write about.

Consider Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Another aspect that may be easier to write about includes pros and cons of social media. This could be something like a compare and contrast paper or something that shows the ups and downs of social media. Thinking about aspects from each side you can come up with all kinds of things to write about. Choose areas you would be comfortable discussing further. What are things you like personally about social media and what are things you dislike? This could be on a particular site you like the most.