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Expert Advice On Creating A Reference List For An Essay

During high school, you will notice that many students get low marks even if they write extraordinary essays. The topic is interesting and so is the content, so what is wrong? Well, they don’t pay attention to the details and they forget that a composition is more than just words. Your text needs to contain a large number of additional elements, like a title page or a reference list. Here is how to create these and increase your chances of success:

  • Write down every reference while you compose your text. Very often, you will forget some titles and if your professor discovers this, he will think that you did not pay enough attention. Instead of searching for names and titles after you finished writing, do this from the very beginning. Believe me, it will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Create the references list on a separate piece of paper. It’s not like you need to fit your entire project on two pieces of paper, so why not do everything right? Your teacher wants you to be organized and conscious about your assignments. If you need more advice on how to do this, this is a great website that you should check.
  • Organize the list in proper way. You can use numbers or letters, but it’s important to make sure that anyone will find any reference in just a few seconds. If this page looks completely chaotic, then it’s better to not submit it at all because it will make your professor disappointed.
  • Don’t forget to introduce all the details. Let’s say that you want to introduce a certain paragraph from a book in your composition, so you will have to mention it on this separate page. Naturally, you can’t just say one word from the title of the book and expect everyone else to guess what you are talking about. Write down the author, the date when the book was published and other similar details.
  • This page needs to look like it is part from your project. There are students who want to stand out, so they make this element completely different. They use a different font, colors or change the background. This will indeed make you stand out, but not in a positive way. Keep it simple and don’t forget that it is for academic use.