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Expert Suggestions on How to Compose a Great Essay About Money


Writing about money can be a daunting task. There are so many different variables such as personal finances and also economy both on a global and national scale. The first thing to consider when writing an essay about money is which subject you are going to write your essay on.


Once you know the subject matter, the next stage in writing the essay is to take notes. One way to do this is to use a mind map. On this you can list the topic in the middle of the page. Surrounding this look toward other words and topics that relate to the main topic. Key words that often feature in an essay on finance include:

  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Currency

These are only a few of the words you may want to include in your essay on money. A good thesaurus and a dictionary may help you to come up with many more.


Before you begin writing your essay, it is an idea to structure your notes and only include the important points that you are wishing to make. This forms a plan to keep to when writing your essay. It is important at this stage to remember to quote any references that you make and keep to the style of referencing that your school, college or university prefers.


Once you have written the first draft, try to put the essay away for a while. Leaving your essay for a few days will help to formulate new ideas as well as to make corrections to make your essay even better. Only write as many drafts as you feel is necessary. Don’t make the mistake of handing in your first draft because work can always be improved on.

The last draft that you write needs to look closely at punctuation and spelling. If you have a friend or family member who is good at punctuation and spelling, it may be an idea to ask them to look it over. Spell check can only do so much so it is better to rely on your own judgement and not on spellcheck alone.


Once you are happy with the finished essay, then you are ready to submit. The best essays on money are always the ones that have been planned well and edited to get the best out of your work. These guidelines will make sure you have the best essay on money that you can write.