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How Do I Write An Essay About My Favorite Subject?

Writing a paper about your favorite subject may seem not so complicated as compared to writing a thesis about much more intricate subject matters. But, of course, there are valuable rules and standard formats which you need to comply with in order to come up with a logical and sensible writing piece.

Things you should take into consideration when writing about your favorite subject:

  • Be advised that the primary purpose of your essay’s introduction is to clearly present your stance (which refers to your argument or thesis) on the issue at hand; however, engrossing and influential introductory paragraphs are actually so much more than that. So, prior you even get to your argument or thesis statement, it is imperative for your writing piece to begin with a statement that grabs the attention of your readers so that they will be glued to read on. You may consider using famous quotes or surprising facts and statistics to easily hook readers.
  • Once you were able to catch the attention of your readers, it is high time to move on to your thesis. This is the section that must be discreetly written. It should be a concise and clear explanation of your stance that definitely leaves not even a single doubt in your readers’ minds in terms of the position you are on from the start of your paper.
  • In the same way, following your thesis, it is fundamental to provide a mini structure that shows the instances you will use to back up your premise in the entire paper. Take note that this must not merely disclose to the reader what to expect in the paragraphs but more so to provide them a better understanding of what the composition is all about.
  • More than that, constructing the final sentence in this manner has the added perks of coherently moving the reader to the first paragraph of the written discourse’s body. In this manner, it can be clearly seen that the introduction does not have to be composed of more than a total of 3 by up to 4 sentences. In point of fact, you may consider narrowing down yours if it exceeds this length.
  • Please be guided that despite the fact that the conclusion paragraph is found at the final section of your dissertation, this should not be viewed as solely reconsideration. Bear in mind that as the final paragraph, it must be capable of representing the writer’s last opportunity to make his or her case, as such, must adhere to an extensively stringent structure.