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How To Write An Essay About Art: Advice For 7th Graders

You may be asked to write an essay after visiting an art exhibition or just after an art class during which your teacher introduced to you a particular work of art. You’ll normally be required to describe a painting, sculpture, or other composition and translate what you see into words. However, it’s not just a pure description; you should analyze it in terms of a historical period and understand the artist’s idea. Use the following guidelines to create a good art essay.

  • Research.
  • First of all, you’ll need to find out more about the piece of art you’re dealing with. Make sure you have good background knowledge about the painting including its title, the period during which it was created, the artist’s biography, and its current location.

  • Outline your paper.
  • Before you get down to writing, it’s advisable to write an outline or plan for your essay. It will ensure that you stick to the structure and cover the main points you decided to touch upon. Having an outline on hand, you’ll avoid those moments when you don’t know what to write next. This will definitely save you time.

  • Write the introduction.
  • Your first paragraph should contain general information you’ve found during your research. In addition to this, you should write a thesis statement. Unlike other types of essays, ones about art don’t require an argumentative statement. You can introduce a central idea of the painting or offer a general comment on it. Remember that you’ll have to provide a detailed description and analysis to support your thesis.

  • Proceed to the analysis.
  • You’ll write the body paragraphs on the basis of your thesis. If you express your opinion in that statement, give the reasons that made you think so. For example, if you previously asserted that painting is a masterpiece or the artist’s best work, describe the aspects that prove it. Those can be a general concept, the character depicted on canvas, or the mood it creates. If you write using the informal style, you may describe the emotions the painting evoked in you or write about your research process (your visit to the gallery or reading specialized literature).

  • Write with purpose.
  • To make your writing effective, you should have a clear idea of your goals. Your reader should also see your intentions and know what to expect. If you aim to interest your readers in a particular work of art, you should provide a thorough analysis of it and make remarks that are of interest to them, such as little known facts or unapparent details about the piece.