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The Divine Comedy

The divine comedy is a poem written by Dante Alighieri during the spiritual awakening. The comedy eventually developed into one of the most famous comedy in the world literature. In the comedy, Dante exhibits vivid description of a man (himself) who went through the Inferno (Hell), Pergatorio (Purgatory) And Paradiso (Heaven). The comedy emphasizes on the final destination of the soul of Dante. Throughout the comedy, Dante faces social and moral problems which he struggles to overcome.

Dante was born in a society that was very political to extend that state and church were at odds. However, he decided to follow Roman teachings of death and life and support the Roman church (Catholicism). Dante strongly believed the way of the life of the Romans was the right way. This is depicted from the way Dante interprets the Inferno. In hell, Dante is exhibited as a hero who is confined in dark woods whereby he met three beasts which represent sin.

Life in Inferno

Dante makes attempts to get it to higher place, which depicts salvation. Throughout his life in the inferno, Dante portrays his internal entrapment feelings. The comedy describes the Dante’s desperate and his yearning to find way out of the inferno. Dante believes that the solution can only be realized through offering sacrifice.

The continued struggles in the inferno depict the challenges he faced as a young child growing up in a very political society. Fortunately, while in inferno, Dante met up with Virgil. Virgil helped Dante to realize his final destination, which was the paradiso. Virgil unveils to Dante that one has to make several attempts before succeeding.

Life in Paradiso

In the paradise, Dante is shown the nine spheres of the heaven. Paradiso is composed of justice, fortitude, wisdom, hope, faith and love. Dante had to travel through several spheres before he could reach the highest point of salvation. In the paradiso, Dante met other saints and is able view the paradiso with his own eyes. Moreover, Dante is able to know more about God and could feel the reality of his love. Dante is led by a beautiful lady, Beatrice to walk around the paradiso. The poem uses Beatrice as a symbol of peace to imply that paradiso is peaceful.

The poem uses vivid description and image to portray the struggles that Dante goes through before realizing spiritual illumination. Through so doing, the poem offers readers with a broad basic point of view of the Medieval Christianity. Through the ultimate salvation and rewards that Dante receives in heaven is the assurance of the benefits of living holy life.