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4 Things You Should Avoid In Your Critical Analysis Essay

The critical analysis essay is one where you are asked to critically analyze something such as a book, a painting, an article, or a film. The purpose of this style of writing is to provide the reader with some interpretation of a particular aspect of the subject, or to place the subject in a bigger context. Below are five things you should avoid in your critical analysis essay:

#1 Avoid lack of preparation

You need to be prepared for this assignment in much the same way as you would prepare for any other so the first thing you need to do is to review the assignment details and ask any questions should you have them. You should make sure that everything is crystal clear before you dive into the task.

#2 Avoid conducting bad research.

You need to critically evaluate your subject and critically evaluate any other sources you are going to use. In order for you to do this, you have to become intimately familiar with the subject matter. If you are writing about a film, watch it many times. Try watching it at night when you are tired and lack a filter, and again when you are well rested to see if you gain a different perspective or new insight. If you are writing about a piece of art, look at the art from all angles. Stand up close to it or far away. Zoom in either literally or figuratively on a small corner and work outward to see if something unique stands out. As you are doing this, take notes. If you read any other sources relating to your subject, take notes too. Recall key questions you want to answer in the course of your text and focus on finding the answers.

#3 Avoid poor organization.

You need to look over all of your notes to find a pattern. You should look for one idea that pops up regularly in your notes and make that the key idea or theme you will follow. This will help you stay focused and organized throughout the rest of the process.

#4 Avoid bad writing.

You need to take the time to write out a thesis statement, to make sure you have enough detail in that thesis, and to properly organize and flesh out each paragraph. Do not write down one draft and submit it. Take your time and make sure it is perfect.