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Creation vs. Evolution

The issue on the beginning of life has been a subject matter in various debates. Many people have divided ideas and feelings on this matter. Some believe that the universe and man were created by a supreme being while others believe that the present look of things has evolved with time. However, nobody has ever proved either of these arguments. Nevertheless, various theories have been developed to support the arguments on either side.

Majority of the scientists believe in the evolution while Christians and other religious groups believe in the existence of a supreme God. To some extent, the evolution theory seems to have some facts in it due to fossils of ancient man discovered in various areas. However, the evolution is majorly supported by scientists who advocate the evolution theory. Most of these scientists despise the idea of existence of the supernatural being and argue that life evolved exclusively without any intervention of a supreme being.

Evolution Argument

Evolutionary scientists criticize creation as unscientific and unreliable. In fact, for anything to be accepted scientifically, it ought to be tested scientifically and approved. However, the idea of creation cannot be tested and therefore creation design cannot be accepted scientifically and thus why most scientists opted for evolution concept. The fossils discovered in various areas further boosted the idea of revolution among scientists.

Scientific study on gene mutation as well plays a significant role in support of evolution concept. In fact, it is true that as a result of change in climate, most species have evolved with time so as to survive the harsh environmental changes. Those which failed to adapt to the climatic changes were extinct. However, the big question has remained, why the present apes don’t evolve to human beings as scientists argue.

The Creation Argument

On the other hand, creation theory argued that Supreme Being, God created the universe and everything that lives in it. The concept of creation is supported in religious books which are termed to be holy books and written by individuals through the inspiration of Supreme Being. According to the bible in book of Genesis the first chapter, God created the universe and everything that dwell in it. The bible also proclaims that the fools say there is no God. Therefore, according to bible, anyone who denies the existence of God is a fool and lacks intelligence. In book of Proverbs the bible proclaims that the fear of the lord is the beginning of the wisdom and knowledge which the fools despise.