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Compare & Contrast Essay Topics: 25 Interesting Examples

A compare and contrast essay is the type of paper where the writer presents two sides of the same subject or compares two different subjects with one and other based on their similarities and differences. This type of assignment requires the students to write in relativity and match different things to one and other in order to create a successful paper. You can use different approaches to writing this paper like comparing the advantages and drawbacks of a subject or comparing the similarities and differences between two different subjects. Whatever subject you have for the paper, you need to decide which style and approach you will use to write your paper.

The topic of such papers is critical because you need to give a clear idea to your readers about the content of your essay. You should be able to write the topic in a way that can engage your readers as well as explain the scope of work to them. It is better to dig deep into your subject before choosing a topic and finding an area that needs attention. You will find many gaps if you observe closely, but you should remember that you must to pick something for which you have enough data to prove your point. You can use the process of brainstorming for generating fresh ideas or elimination to cut the ones you do not need

List of interesting comparison essay topics

Here is a list of interesting comparison essay topics if you need any help. You can use one of these prompts to write your own topic but make sure you write in your own unique style and do not copy from somewhere else

  1. Living in a city is better than living on the country side
  2. Rock and Roll music versus pop, which one is more famous
  3. Religion versus atheism, which one do you believe and why
  4. Creation is a more logical explanation for the existence rather than evolution
  5. Smoking is dangerous than drinking
  6. Pros and cons of computer technology
  7. Pros and cons of the apple innovation
  8. The similarities and differences between Steve jobs and Bill Gates
  9. An evaluation of the smartphones
  10. Science vs religion
  11. Poetry vs composition
  12. Music and painting
  13. Teenage vs adulthood
  14. Optimism vs pessimism
  15. Asia vs Africa
  16. Football vs cricket
  17. Drugs vs Alcohol
  18. iPhone vs Blackberry
  19. Microsoft vs Apple
  20. Desktop vs laptop
  21. Life and death
  22. The pros and cons of co education
  23. Parenting styles
  24. Engineering vs medical
  25. Books vs movies