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Creating A Strong Comparative Essay About Junk Food And Healthy Food

Junk food is a great part of the human’s everyday life for almost a century. It causes lots of health problems including obesity, heart system problems and mental problems, like low self-appraisal and depression. So it’s not surprising that your tutor has given you this topic as a comparative essay assignment.

As it is a common topic, it is quite difficult to write a brilliant work that different from the others and strong enough to impress your tutor. If you have struggles with writing, you are free to use some tips from the article.

  • Firstly, write about a short description what was the ration of the people in the past centuries. Although, the food differs a lot from the meal that we have today, it was healthier and mostly cooked at home, and it means it was made from the best products mostly grown by the family or on the local farm. Even though people were working day and night, they still had time to cook for themselves and even for quite a big family. Nowadays, people are too busy even to eat, not to mention cooking. That’s why junk food has become a daily ration for millions of people.
  • Secondly, write about the difference in composition of healthy and unhealthy food, include the fact that junk food is lacking nutrients, which are one of the main source of energy and that’s why people with junk food ration always feel themselves tired no matter how long do they sleep.
  • You can write about the main reasons why people choose to eat unhealthy food, for example, because it saves a lot of time, costs less money, the taste is richer then in normal food (mostly because the chemical additives, which can cause health problems and are addictive), fast food is much more easier to cook and that’s why many people who are not able to cook prefer it, especially students, for whom junk food is a real “saver”.
  • You can also write about the great harm that fast food causes on human’s body and health. It is better to include some statistics and scientific facts to sound more professional and convincing.
  • You can find plenty of those in the Internet.
  • In comparison to all these facts, write about the up and downsides of healthy food – it’s influence on human body and health, money and time spending factors, the lightness and complexity of cooking the healthy food etc.