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Five Main Characteristics Of An Effective Essay: Tips To Keep In Mind

Essay writing plays a vital role in examining a student’s knowledge and research abilities. It has become an essential part of academic life. Essays give tutors an opportunity to evaluate not only students’ knowledge of a given subject, but also their ability to express their thoughts effectively. Writing an essay helps you go beyond what was talked about in class and dig deeper into an interesting subject.

Unfortunately, many students write poor essays because they do not know how to create this type of scholarly paper. There is no magic formula that will suit each and every kind of paper and will help you write a great text every time. Nevertheless, there are some key features that each successful essay possesses. If you want to learn how to write academic papers successfully, take into consideration these five characteristics of an effective essay.

  1. Well-organized and well-developed.
  2. The paper establishes the main idea in the introduction, then develops it in the main body, and finally summarizes the discussion in the conclusion. Each paragraph should also have a clear structure with the main point given and supported. Remember to make smooth transitions between paragraphs. Before writing your text, define its structure, what the main idea will be and how you will develop it in your writing.

  3. Answering a question.
  4. Ultimately, to develop an essay you need to ask a question and find an answer to it. Everything you are researching and writing about is done in order to give an answer to this question. Remember this and always make sure you keep your argument to the point and are not deviating from the main idea.

  5. Unambiguous.
  6. It should be completely clear about what you are writing about. Your text needs to be to the point and without unnecessary details that fill in space but do not bear any meaning. Your reader should not be wondering what the point of your paper is and trying to find some rhyme and reason in your writing.

  7. Logical.
  8. Support your main point with suitable details, illustrations and well-researched evidence. Use examples to back up your ideas. Do not make unsupported claims.

  9. Grammatically correct.
  10. Use words and phrases that are appropriate for the style of the paper. It is imperative that your text is free of any grammar, punctuation or usage mistakes. Make your text readable and clear. Reread and edit your paper a few times before submitting it.