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How To Write A Global Warming Cause And Effect Essay: Useful Topic Recommendations

Global warming is an issue of great concern to many environmentalists and nature conservationists world wide. This is a very severe situation which can quite possibly mean the end of all life on Earth as we know, yet many governments and individuals believe it to be a great hoax created by those who wish to destroy the industrialized world. Here are some interesting topics to consider on the subject of Global Warming:

  1. Natural causes
  2. Many speculate on the possibility that natural events in the environment of the planet is the cause of Global Warming. For example, the eruption of large volcanoes can place greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere which can result in rising average temperatures.

  3. Use of combustion fuels
  4. Over the last century, humans have been burning increasing amounts of fossil fuels to meet our growing energy needs. These fossil fuels were made hundred of thousands of years ago from the remains of carbon based lifeforms that sank to the bottom of oceans and were then subjected to high temperatures and heat. When this happened, earth entered a period of cooling, now that we have started burning them, we’re releasing the stored carbon dioxide into the air and causing a green house effect.

  5. Earth natural cycles
  6. Fossil records have shown that earth has gone through several cooling and heating periods during its history. Some speculate that humans are not responsible for the current rise in temperature, but instead the natural cycle of the earth may be responsible. It is known that the orbit of earth around the sun goes from very circular to elliptical over long periods and right now we are currently in a circular phase, which could be reason for the increase in average temperatures.

  7. Human destruction of the ozone
  8. Some decades ago, chlorofluorocarbons were widely used in aerosol products only to be proven damaging to the ozone layer later on. However, recent studies have shown there to be a hole in the ozone layer which can be responsible for the rise in temperatures.

  9. Possibility of a hoax
  10. It is speculated that the theory of Global warming is an elaborate hoax constructed to undermine the power and wealth of current oil giants. They say that compared to the size of the planet, the contribution that humans have made to the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is insignificant and not enough to be responsible the rise in temperatures observed in nature today.