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The 25 Best Essay Topics For Business Ethics Students

The field of business ethics is an ever-growing field as the world business circle expands into a global size. There are many windows into this interesting and dynamic field to explore. Here you will find 25 interesting topics you can use as-is or tweak to make unique.

  1. How do we ensure companies don’t secretly steal millions from the public, as in the Bernie Madoff case? Consider the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) guidelines. Can they be improved?
  2. Goldman Sachs played a big role in mortgages that went bust during and after the 2008 housing debacle and credit crisis. They weren’t really penalized in an effective way. How do you stop big corporations from doing this again or something similar?
  3. Are governments and big businesses playing the game too close to each other?
  4. How does ethics relate to companies in general?
  5. How to ensure companies are reputable when it comes to business dealings?
  6. For companies that are destroying the environment, how should they be penalized?
  7. Are companies paying large enough fees for the damages they’re doing to natural resources?
  8. How does ethics as it relates to society intertwined with ethics in business?
  9. Are companies hiring on a fair basis? How to deal with nepotism within the hiring process?
  10. What laws are in place to protect people applying for jobs whether they are disabled, of a different culture or race?
  11. Should companies that don’t pay minimum wage or give reasonable raises be penalized?
  12. Should companies whose employees do a lot of work be forced into raising their salaries?
  13. Should large conglomerates like Target or Walmart be forced into paying their employees higher salaries?
  14. Should companies pay equal amounts and equal time for maternity and paternity leave?
  15. Should publishers be allowed to sell biographies, documentaries and other published works written by killers?
  16. Is it okay for companies who have reported huge profits to go ahead with lay-offs for workers?
  17. Should more sick time and leave days be given to workers with families than those who don’t have families?
  18. Should state requirements or localized markets be able to dictate different standards for companies to live up to?
  19. Is it justified to see large companies making huge profits during recessions?
  20. What ethics are involved in public versus private partnerships?
  21. Should companies be allowed to hire employees from overseas before local applicants?
  22. How should the rule of treating every customer fairly be employed and enforced?
  23. Should companies be held to certain commitments?
  24. How should diversity be treated ethically in the workplace?
  25. Should companies be required to meet help each employee maximize their contributions?