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The Easiest Way To Come Up With Unique Biology Essay Topics

When studying biology, if you need to write an essay then there will be various options available to you. Ultimately, biology covers a wide range of different topics, thus enabling you to think of a huge number of great ideas to write about.

One of the great things about biology is that it covers wide range of different animals. For example, you may wish to write about the biology of human beings or, alternatively, you may wish to examine a biological topic in relation to other animals. In fact, you can look at the insects, reptiles, mammals and all the other different types of living creatures, as well as plants.

Choosing a topic using brainstorming techniques

As mentioned, you can write about a variety of different animals and plants; therefore, you may wish to brainstorm various animals or plants that you would like to write about. It may be that you have a favourite animal or plant that you like to discuss or, alternatively, you may choose a particular family of animals.

Alternatively, rather than starting off by thinking about which animal or plant you would like to write about, you may wish to think about a particular aspect relating to the body. In fact, you may choose to write about humans, and how some biological issue relates to our bodies in some way.

Again, you can use brainstorming techniques to make a list of any biological ideas that you have been studying, particularly those that you have enjoyed or found most interesting. You can then use this list as the basis for further inspiration when thinking of other topics and titles to write about. Once you have a few ideas in mind, you can start narrowing them down, discarding any ideas that you feel are less suitable, until you pick the perfect title. For example, you may like the idea of some of the titles provided below.

  • Discuss the way and speed with which bacteria multiply
  • How does natural selection strengthen a species?
  • Examine and discuss the structure of an animal’s cell
  • How is cancer formed and what can be done to remove it?
  • However the hierarchy of biological classifications used to classify different organisms?
  • Discuss the various chemical reactions that occur in order for living organisms to obtain energy from different sources
  • With reference to 3 different living organisms, discuss and explain what homoeostasis is
  • What is cell division and how does it help cells to multiply?
  • Outlined five different ways in which scientists have identified the existence of evolution
  • What are dominant and recessive genes?