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List Of 15 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Getting ready to write your college paper? You will need two things to get started. You will need to know the blueprint of an argumentative essay and you’ll need to choose a great topic. This short tutorial will help you with both.

Tips on topic choice:

  • Don’t choose an over-used topic like abortion, death penalty or gun control
  • Don’t pick something boring that doesn’t really have two debatable sides to argue
  • Do choose something that’s in the spotlight and everyone is talking or thinking about it
  • Do find an angle or perspective that hasn’t been answered in detail yet
  • Do choose something you are interested in and care about

Actual topics to look at include:

  1. What is causing the rising trend of obesity in America?
  2. Are vegan and vegetarian diets healthy?
  3. Are schools doing enough to promote better health for children?
  4. Do our efforts to recycle common materials like plastics, paper and metals really make a difference to the environment?
  5. Does composting make a significant contribution to saving the environment?
  6. What causes an earthquake? How can we improve our efforts in reducing death and damage resulting from earthquakes? What can be done to better predict their occurrence?
  7. Explain deforestation. How does it occur? Can it be halted?
  8. What is fracking? Is it worth the risks? Does it harm our drinking water supply?
  9. Should supermarkets charge a nominal fee for plastic grocery bags in order to encourage shoppers to use their own reusable bags? Is this strategy effective? In what way?
  10. Is recycling of soft drink bottles and cans effectively encouraged by charging a deposit?
  11. Is it up to schools to encourage students to use reusable lunch containers and supplies rather than throw-away supplies such as plastic sandwich bags and plastic forks?
  12. Are landfills an effective way to handle our trash? Does something need to be changed with the way they are being run?
  13. How can nuclear waste be safely disposed of?
  14. How safe is nuclear energy when all risks are weighed into the equation?
  15. Define a carbon footprint. What can we do to make a smaller footprint?

An argumentative essay is one in which the writer expresses their opinion of the topic and supports it with strong evidence and logic. They also present the viable opposing opinion and why they don’t support it.