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Searching For Great 500-Word College Essay Examples

When you are transported from the high school to college, it is generally expected of you to show your potency and uniqueness in whatever you do, including your academics. When you were in high school, you strictly followed your teacher’s instructions only and memorized the whole textbook in order to deliver better in the examination hall. In a word, it was an acid test for you regarding how well you can commit to memory the subjects you read. But, once you enter the college arena, the situation changes drastically. You are often required to write assignments in which you can prove your grip on the language, on the subject you have taken for the special paper, and on your research ability.

If you go with the general viewpoint, you will find that almost all the people are unanimous in the fact that selecting an unusual theme for your college essay is sure to help you stand out from the rest in the long run. But before toiling to find out what are the best examples of college assignments, you must consider one or two important facts:

  1. What theme will suit you most? Don’t go for something you have no knowledge about and for which you have no time to do research. Think about your area of comfort, and then decide how you can alter some of the themes so that it may result in something unexpected and unique.
  2. How well can you write about it? Having a good and well-researched knowledge about the subject of your choice is a must. Alongside that, you should have a good command of English grammar and sentence structure because if you cannot express your idea in a good way, there is no point toiling over creating something unusual.
  3. Remember you will have only 500 words to complete your paper. Don’t go for something that has multiple dimensions; instead, tone it down. Start your writing with some quotes or anecdotes; it will help you grab your teacher’s attention fast.
How to select some best examples?

You will find a plethora of unusual essay topics if you search online. But trying to select one single topic is an arduous job. So,

  • Search for an area you find suitable to your taste and personality.
  • Go for topics that sound abstract yet relevant, like relationships or humanity, which are both interesting and informative at times.
  • The language must not be too ostentatious but must be simple and expressive. There are ample numbers of websites which have essays written in a simple and sober language.

So, in a nutshell, searching for unique topics only will not help you. You must be able to write in a polished language of your own which in itself will sound interesting and unique to your reader.